Robergé embodies more than a century of watchmaking heritage of the Mouawad family, and the passion of its founder Robert Mouawad for gemstones and fine watchmaking. Since the beginning, Robergé has forged an international reputation for outstanding creations that embrace boldness in design and exceptional technical prowess. Each Robergé creation is manufactured and assembled by hand in Switzerland, leveraging deep Swiss knowhow and thus bearing the Manufacture en Suisse mark as a guarantee of authenticity of the watch’s-controlled origin.



Robergé watches carry several distinctive features, including the fluting on the crown and R initial, that have become the hallmarks of the brand. Every aspect of every watch is carefully designed and brought to life through expert craftsmanship in the Robergé manufacture in Switzerland. The Galaxy is a tour de force of watchmaking skill, evident in its double barrel tourbillon movement, hand-wound with a retrograde date indicator and a 120-hour power reserve. The presence of precious diamonds and rubies is a testament to Robergé ’s excellence at blending prestigious watchmaking traditions with the extraordinary allure of precious gems.